Summer is here and with that, the humidity has arrived.  When it's hot and sticky, makeup just does not last as long as it does throughout the rest of the year. As a makeup enthusiast and certified makeup artist (I do makeup professionally in my spare time), I love to use a setting spray, especially during these hot and humid months to keep makeup looking fresh.

Good Housekeeping agrees that a setting spray is the key to keeping your makeup looking like you just applied it. Their two favorite products happen to also be my favorites as well. Urban Decay's All Nighter, which costs about $30, is a great choice.  It's a lighter spray which leaves the face feeling less shiny after a long day than if you were to not use a setting spray. The runner-up and also a fab choice, Makeup Forever Mist and Fix ($29), has a floral scent, is alcohol-free, and just like other products from this brand, works great! Yay!

Although these products are a bit pricey, a setting spray is a great way to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the summer and on and off the beach.  So are they worth it?  I say, absolutely!