In the Paleologos household, pet ownership has had a huge impact on us! During their growing years, our kids have had dogs, cats, exotic birds, fish, turtles and the list goes on! Presently, we have and love Buddy, our silky haired Yorkie.

Seeing how much we all admire our animal friends, I'd like to propose the launch of a local pet parade! New Orleans has Mardi Gras and Daytona has fast cars and motorcycles, so I think we should have some fun with our pets with an annual fun parade!

You could dress up Fido, make-up Miss Kitty , choose a King and Queen for the event. Hey, how about if we all get dressed up, like we do at Halloween? This would be a photographers paradise, and everyone would have a great time showing off their beloved pets! Imagine the crowds it would attract, from young to old! Strike up the bands!

If you like the idea, add some of your thoughts.