They are hoping to compete with when it comes to online buyers, so Wal-Mart is now considering a plan to have store customers deliver packages.  Shoppers would drop off packages that were ordered online on their way home for a discount on their own purchase.  Wal-Mart has millions of shoppers visiting its stores each week.  Some shoppers could sign-up to deliver by telling the store where they live, so they would only have to deliver to those who live on their route home.   In turn, the retailer would offer a discount on the customer's shopping bill that would cover the cost of their gas.  Wal-Mart currently uses FedEx for delivery from their stores, and has tested Wal-Mart To Go, a service using their own delivery trucks in some areas.   Would you deliver, or would you be comfortable having a stranger knocking on your door with your online order?  You may have those options available soon from a Wal-Mart near you.