The 22 year old women who dressed up as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim, then posted the picture on Instagram has been fired from her job, and was the target of cyberbullying, including death threats,

Alicia Ann Lynch posted a photo of herself wearing the costume on Instagram and Twitter last week, and the online criticism began soon after. The backlash went further, however, with some finding her home address and other personal information online that they used to further harass her. Racy photos of Lynch were found and circulated online and death threats were sent to her, her parents and her best friend.

Lynch told BuzzFeed  that she'd lost her job because of the costume, and said of the harassment, "I've had voicemails where they want to slit my throat and they want to hang me and tear off my face. I'm just like, I don't even know how to respond to this right now." She also said of her costume, "I wasn't a dead person, I wasn't being disrespectful. I was a survivor of a marathon. And it's not like I was walking around with a fake leg or my arm torn off or something like that. . . . It happened, I made a mistake. I just have to learn from it. I'm not a terrible person."