I was at the Dartmouth Mall over the weekend for their Back To School Kids Fair. It was a terrific event, but I noticed when I was leaving that a local dancing school had taken advantage of the mall's event. They opportunistically placed flyers under the windshield wipers of every car in the mall parking lot...knowing that there would be a lot of parents and kids there for the fair. I don't believe they were even a sponsor in the event.

"Flyering" cars may be the single worst form of marketing, in my opinion. It doesn't form any type of bond between you and your potential customers. In fact, I've never felt anything but annoyance at having to remove a flyer from my car. Even worse, some people don't notice the flyer...or don't bother do remove it...and the papers end up littering the surrounding areas.

I proposed this morning that this type of marketing should be illegal in the state. Do you agree? Click here to listen: