"Susie" is a 6-year-old mini poodle who spent a few days at the East Providence Animal Shelter.  How did the little dog from Taunton end up at the shelter so many miles from her home?   Animal control officers say the driver of a Toyota hit Susie on Route 44 near Taunton.   He said he hit the brakes when the small white dog ran into the middle of the road, but then saw no sign of the dog and kept going.

After travelling 11 miles on Route 44 at speeds of 50 miles and hour, another driver waved him down and told him there was a dog in the grill.   He then went to the shelter where the officer freed Susie from the car, saying the dog's paws were clutched to the grill, as she had been holding on for dear life.   Susie did suffer a concussion and she lost a tooth.

Her owners meanwhile had been searching for the little poodle, and once this story was publicized, claimed their dog at the shelter.   Susie had apparently slipped through a hole in the fence in their yard.   They said they will take her for walks instead of leaving her to play alone in the yard.   Everyone is smiling.