I'm sorry - did someone invite winter back to the Southcoast and not tell anyone? TAKE US TO COACHELLA, PLEASE!

You may not think that hanging out at Coachella is your thing but, we think we can change your mind. Currently, it is 31 degrees in Fairhaven. Tomorrow? The high will be a whopping 23 degrees. On Sunday, we can expect a balmy 38 degrees.

But in Indio, California, home to Coachella, it is currently 50 degrees - before the sun is even up! And take a look at this 10 days forecast...


If the weather isn't enough to make you want to go soak up 3 days of sunshine in Indio, let's take a look at what else you can get if you were the winner of our Coachella weekend giveaway:

  • Round trip airfare for 2 people
  • 2 nights hotel
  • 2 VIP passes for the weekend show
  • Private meet and greet with Martin Garrix on Saturday before his performance
  • PLUS $500.00 cash

Still not convinced? We have two more words for you...FERRIS. WHEEL.

Just kidding, four words: Ferris wheel + Lady Gaga.

But seriously - if you don't want this trip, let us know. We'll go get our tan on and send you lots of pictures of the food and music and fun.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images