Carpeted floor mats, heated seats, heated steering wheel, heated outside mirrors, all weather trunk cargo mat and so many other features are available on most new cars today.  But when you pick up your new car at the dealer in the middle of July, the last thing you think about is an ice scraper.

An ice scraper should come with all new cars, and placed in a holder near the bottom of the driver's door so it wouldn't get lost, and we'd always know where to find it.  It probably is not needed in Southern Florida or Southern California, but it certainly would come in handy in most other places. Maybe it could be an option for a few extra bucks. I'd even give up the cruise control option, which I never use anyway.  

C'mon new car designers.  We appreciate all the Bluetooth, crash avoidance and the self parking features, but also give us some of the everyday gadgets we could use as well.