As a die hard fan of Justin Timberlake I can but then can't understand the logic behind Amy Reed's, a said fan, decision to flip off Justin during his concert in Philadelphia on Feb 23.

Amy Reed and her friend Kaitlin were the two female fans who decided to flip the bird to Justin Timberlake during his concert show in Philadelphia on Feb 23, making Justin stop the show mid speech to acknowledge their rude gesture with funny banter. Amy Reed called into SoJo 104.9 to better explain her reason, she wanted Justin's attention and so she did what she could to get his attention which ultimately Amy ended up getting Justin's attention.

Congrats to Amy for her success but the two girls were in the second row during the concert I don't think resorting to such a disrespectful gesture was the appropriate thing to do and my opinion is coming from one Justin fan to another. Even saying "We love you Justin" while the girls continued to hold up the middle finger to Justin doesn't make the situation any better.