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As we approach Fun 107's Bridal Show on January 27th, I'd like to offer piece of advice to the brides-to-be. Over the years that I've beenhosting weddings, I've seen it happen all too often. A few weeks before the big night, I will meet with the bridal couple. They will outline their plan for how they'd like their evening to unfold (cocktail hour, introductions, first dance, father/daughter dance, etc.). Then, on their wedding night, their plans are changed at the last minute by others...whether it is the manager of the venue, a photographer who is pressing to leave, or an overbearing bridesmaid.

My advice to an upcoming bride is to make a game plan for how you'd like to see your wedding day and reception unfold. Then, communicate those wishes to all of your vendors. You may want to do your father/daughter and mother/son dances after dinner...but will your photographer still be around at that time? Maybe you'd like to do them during salad...but will it make it difficult for the waitstaff to serve the dinner course? These are not problems that can't be fixed ahead of time with open communication between all parties.

Most the end of the day...YOU are the boss. It's your wedding. You're the one writing the checks. You deserve to get exactly what you want.

Oh, and one other critical piece of advice...have FUN planning your wedding!

The Fun 107 Bridal Show is January 27. Get details here.