With Christmas right around the corner, FUN 107 celebrated their annual Christmas party on Friday night with a special Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest put together by yours truly.

I went around the building beforehand asking everyone if they would be interested to participate in it. There were "yes's" all across the board, but when it came down to it, some became sick, some didn't go, and those who went backed out at the last second stating, "I couldn't find an ugly Christmas sweater."

Since there was a $5 buy-in to the contest, and only two idiots actually did the contest, Promotions Guy Chris and yours truly, there was a whopping $10 to be won. Or was there? I decided to go around the room of the Christmas party and conned accepted an additional $60 towards a great cause. Me winning.

So who won? Here's how it went.

By the way, where there's a Christmas party, karaoke is sure to follow. Here's Chris doing it up in his Christmas sweater. Enjoy! Sorry Chris. It was in my iPhone and had to go up!