James "Whitey" Bulger watched the Bruins win Game 7 in Vancouver before he was arrested, not on T/V hidden away at his hideout in fear of his life or of the cops catching up with him but at the game itself! According to Fox News, an FBI agent who works out of the Boston office, said the FBI tailed Whitey for several weeks before making an arrest.

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While they were tailing him, he jumped in his ride and drove 20+ hours from Santa Monica and crossed the Canadian border!!!! Then he somehow scored a game 7 ticket, how???? That's what i really want to know? Was anybody murdered for it in the area? Not that money or IDs were a problem.  Police found “$800,000 in cash, 30 firearms and fake IDs.”  Exactly one week later, they arrested him.

As I hear his name in the news, and after the Bruins loss to Chicago this year…SMDH! Not that I would trade places with him or anything..BTW, 800,000 is probably more than I'll ever make in my lifetime. Sad.