Fun 107's Bridal Show is coming up on Sunday at White's of Westport. If you are single and still looking, you might wonder how the heck married couples find each other? Why is it that everyone else is so lucky to find love, but it's so hard for you? Like many other things in life, I think the answer could lie within the game of baseball. Any ball player knows the number one rule for hitting a home run. Never try to hit a home run. Go ahead and try to get a base hit, but never swing for the fences.

It reminds me of these old couples from the classic movie, "When Harry Met Sally".

Interesting story. Before I met my wife, she was with her friends at the AFC Championship game for the 1996 season. The Patriots were playing the Jaguars at the old Foxboro Stadium. During the game, my (yet to be) wife looked around the stadium filled with guys and thought to herself "my husband could actually be here." I was. I met her 6 months later. Oh, yeah...and the Patriots won the game and went on to lose to the Packers in the Super Bowl.