I realize that radio is a very unique business.  There are things that go on in this industry that just don't happen in any other.  So, that being said, this might be just a Fun 107 phenomenon. But we have the strangest items that turn up in the Fun 107 men's room.  Take, for example, this item.

I spotted this in the men's room this morning.  Why?  Why is this there?  I couldn't begin to explain.  The size is bigger than a shot glass, but not quite the size of a drinking cup.  No, it's not really a drinking glass of any kind, it's more of a container.  So, this begs two questions.  #1.  Why would someone brings this strange sized cup/glass/container into the bathroom?  #2.  Why would they fill it with water and leave it there on the counter?

I still laugh right out loud when I think of the day Mayor Lang came out of the men's room and asked why there was a pair of bbq tongs in there.  He was concerned.  We had no answer.

When I was an intern at Y94FM in Syracuse, a wise morning guy there by the name of Glen "Gomez" Adams shared this tid bit:  "Michael," he said, "radio is the only business where if you could leave a crisp $100 bill in the bathroom stall on Friday, and it would still be exactly where you left it on Monday morning.  But leave a half eaten Snickers bar on the bathroom floor?  It's gone in under 30 minutes."

What is the strangest thing you've ever found in your bathroom at work?