Justin Bieber's stay in Europe seems to be surrounded by a lot of negativity and now their are rumors that the hotel Justin was staying in Paris, France kicked him out due to his attitude and a massive disturbance from his fans..

The longer Justin Bieber stays in Europe the more 'bad news' we hear surrounding him..Recently while staying at a hotel in Paris, France his fans found out exactly where he was staying and so what do you think happened..Obviously a crowd of Justin's fans showed up to the hotel and would you believe it,they created a disturbance..Is anyone surprised by this because I know I'm not,It's Justin Bieber..Well according to radio personality Jean-Marc Morandini the hotel kicked out Justin because of the fan disturbance and the poor attitude that he showed as a result of this but Justin Bieber's rep  says it was Justin's decision to leave the hotel due to the poor level of security saying there wasn't even an underground entrance for him and although other people who were staying at the hotel at the time claim that Justin was encouraging the crowd of fans Justin says the hotel didn't have enough security to control the crowd so to end the situation he transferred over to the Mandarin Oriental..