On Monday August 5th,Usher was once again faced with a horrific happening involving one of his son's and water.Click here to listen to the chilling 911 call.

On Monday August 5th Usher's 5year old son,Usher Raymond V was said to have been playing in a pool under the care of his aunt when he noticed a toy in stuck in the drain of the pool and swam down to retrieve it. Unfortunately his arm got stuck in drain and after his aunt and one fellow staff member were unable to pull Usher's son to safety.

Two men who were working in the house heard the screams and freed the boy who was then given CPR and rushed to the hospital.

Tests have been run and its said Usher's son will be fine but this story hits very close to my home. Back in January 2010 my family was hit with the tragic loss of my 1 year old twin cousins who drowned in a pool.

This story should be a reality check to all you parents out there that no matter how old the child its absolutely necessary to teach them about proper pool/water edict.Statistics say nine times a day an unintentional drowning happens,don't let this happen to your family.