So, I just returned from Ty Law's induction ceremony into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame, today, and let me tell you it was top notch. The whole event was put on with such honor and pride and it really encompassed the tremendous tenure Law had with the Pats. Both Robert Kraft and Law gave outstanding speeches and shared with the whole crowd the bond they have, that not many people knew about.

Law really summed up the event when he said that being a Patriot was the best 10 years of his playing career and life. The crowd rose multiple times in thunderous ovations and really showed the shutdown corner a lot of love.

The whole event was something that I was so happy to be a part of. It was true Patriot history at its finest. Law was such an important piece of the three Patriots' championship teams and really was one of the key players that helped turn the organization in the right direction during the late 1990's.

Although Law's tremendous career as a Patriot can never be put into question, his time with the team did not end the way that he had hoped. For the final years he played, he bounced around to a few other clubs. It was something that bothered not only the New England fan base and the team but also Law himself.

For this ceremony to come into fruition and bring Law back to where he has always belonged and shined, it truly allowed everything to come full circle. The fans and team were able to thank and honor Law for everything he did for the team in his 10 years in New England and in turn he was able to tip his cap to all of the people who helped him develop into one of the best defensive backs in NFL history.

An event like this really is a perfect way, in this free agency day and age where team heroes don't stick around forever, for guys who embody what it is to be a Patriot or whatever logo it may be to be honored for who they are.