When I went to go bring in the trash barrels yesterday, I noticed a card tucked inside the handle.  It was a card signed by my trash guys...apparently their names are Bob and Harvey.  I was thinking about how I have never received a holiday card from my trash guys before, when it dawned on me.  They're hoping for a return card...with a little cash tucked inside.

Honestly, it had never occurred to me to give a Christmas gift to the trash men, but now that I think of it, they really do a great job.  I can't tell you how many times I've put something "borderline" out there and wondered if they'd take it....and they ALWAYS do.  It amazes me.  So, I'm going to give the guys $10 in a card.

JR thought I was cheap...saying I should at least give EACH of the guys $10 (by the way, JR has never given his trash guys any money...and has no plans to do it this year, either).

No matter how much I give, I had some concerns about how I'd leave the envelope.  I didn't want it to get thrown away...and what if someone takes it?  Scott from Wareham was listening, he's a trashman, and he says there IS reason to worry about that...take a listen: 

So, if you decide to give your trash guys a little holiday Finsky...it might be best to give it to them in person.

Now, the only question is...what to do about the RECYCLING guys?  Can't leave them out!  This could get expensive!