Downtown New Bedford has undergone a much needed renaissance over the past few years that has made visiting that area of the city much more fun and interesting.   You'll now find some great restaurants and taverns, museums and shops.   There's a new downtown campus for Bristol Community College as well.  On my most recent downtown visit, I found myself having to make a small purchase in order to get quarters for the parking meter.  The store where I requested change simply does not change bills for coins without a purchase.  I get that.   That's not why they are in business.

In today's world where most people do not carry amounts of change, why not go with the technology that cities like Providence are using?   Swipe a card through the meter.   No muss, no fuss.  I understand the need for parking meters in a busy downtown area, but please make them user friendly.   Oh, and one more thing.

How about allowing a maximum of two hours (like Fall River does), instead of the measly one hour limit?   The Chamber of Commerce is doing a lot to attract people to the downtown area.  Let's make the experience a little more hassle-free.