Are bad boys really that attractive? Ever since the mugshot of Jeremy Meeks hit the internet last week, women everywhere have been drooling over him but his wife is not too happy about that. According to, his wife is furious saying, "My man is in there and people are taking it as a joke, thinking it's funny talking about his looks."

He is not the first criminal for women to be excited about. Last year when Aaron Hernandez was taken in to custody in regards to his connection to the Oden Llyod murder our intern, Abby, still found him to be very handsome and did not care that he had killed people, that didn't matter to her, he was still attractive to her.

I find it so strange that women find criminals attractive. I know if it were me and my favorite female celebrity was to be found guilty of a terrible crime, my view would change and I would no longer find her attractive. I just don't get it. Even one of our current interns, Kara, is still one of Chris Brown's biggest fans after all of the run-ins he has had with the law.

Meeks' mother is standing by him and insisting he is a good guy. She said that all his criminal activity is in the past and that he is a family man. So I guess she falls into that category of most women these days. I mean she obviously is not referring to her son as "Oh My God he's so hot" but she still thinks he's a good guy. Do you agree with that or does a criminal charge change your opinion of someone? Take my poll.