This morning on the Rock and Fox show, the Tuesday Trivia question was; half of employees say their workplace has ridiculous rules about THIS subject.  What?


Sara Robinson

So the answer is/was restroom usage.  I know, right?!  The people surveyed said their workplace has odd rules about this topic like, you have to ask the boss if you can "go" to the bathroom, you can't just do it on your own.  Another said the length of time spent in the bathroom is monitored and kept under 4 minutes.  And others say their boss keeps track of "how many times" they use the restroom at work each day.  We think this is strange, but it's ALL real stuff that happens at work.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Do you have any strange workplace rules you find ridiculous?  Doesn't have to be bathroom usage either.  Take our poll and we may read yours on the Rock and Fox show this week.  Don't worry, we won't say where you work if you don't want us too :)