Summer may be a favorite season in New England, but it is also one of the shortest seasons in New England. So how can you get all your summer activities in this year? Make a list!

Over the weekend I met a young couple that was working on completing their summer bucket list. It was the first time I had heard of one of these, but they sounded like they'd been having a super fun summer!

what would you put on your summer bucket list?

For them trips to the Boston Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium were on the list as well as hitting up a firing range and taking my antigravity yoga class (aw!).

Of course everyone's list will be different. Traveling, beaching it, sporting events and more can all go on the list, but you've only got so many summer days to get them done! And with it already being August, you may have to cram in list items like crazy at this point!

I know if I had a summer bucket list, it would be no where near completed at this point. In fact I've only made it to the beach once all summer long! Just crazy!!

So what would you put on your summer bucket list?

Sunny days spent on the beach, nights at the ballpark, afternoon BBQs with the family?

For me seeing an outdoor concert, kayaking somewhere and going swimming have got to get checked off my list before Labor Day hits.

Let me know what you still want to do this summer!