While riding on a street in Phoenix, Arizona, I noticed the Wendy's logo on a weird looking building.  It turns out this is Wendy's new restaurant design.

About a year ago the hamburger chain announced it would introduce an new logo (not yet seen on this Wendy's) and a new building design.  The company said they would remodel 50 current restaurants and use the new ultra-modern design at some new locations. 

I checked online and saw that this Wendy's in Phoenix is one of only five that have been redone as of now.   I did not take a peek inside but Wendy's says it's new interiors are much more comfortable and cafe'-like than the current restaurants.   Will we see any of the new-look Wendy's in this area?    I'm thinking we will see the new logos on the good ole' fashioned restaurants we are so accustomed to.