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Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster at Berkshire East Mountain Resort is the roller coaster you HAVE to ride this year.

North America's longest roller coaster is one that even people who hate roller coasters should check this out. According to Only in Your State, you can actually control how fast you go on the ride so you can be comfortable while enjoying the views. They are reopening in April and this looks like so much fun whether just you and friends or bring the whole family!

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The ride is built right on the side of a mountain and takes you through a beautiful forest. The uphill track takes people 1,580 up in through the woods. The downhill track includes curves, banked corners, and 360-degree turns to make it fun being so low. Each cart has two seats with a brake on one side someone can control to manage the speed.

The minimum age limit for the ride is 3 and one ride costs only $10 and three for $27! The roller coaster is open on weekends from 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. Their hours are very weather dependent.