Since 1975, Central Bakery has been making the '3 Meal Muffin' and making people especially happy when they use it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Recently, Paul stopped by the FUN 107 Studios with a box of absolutely delicious '3 Meal Muffins' stuffed with bacon, lettuce, and tomato, turkey, and other great sandwiches that made our morning.

These '3 Meal Muffins' are unbelievable! In 1975 the husband-and-wife team started the baking business out of their garage. They found a distributor who brought the muffins to mom-and-pop shops in Cape Cod.

The Bakery only makes Portuguese Muffins, which they brand as 3-meal muffins due to the fact that they are not just considered breakfast food by their customers. The branding is also a way of shaking off the competition that has followed the names they have given the product since introducing it. They wanted to separate themselves from everyone who tried duplicating their muffins.

The Central Bakery family is proud to be baking the Original Portuguese Muffin since 1975. Go get some. They're delicious!

Watch the video below of Michael Rock, Loren, and Larry trying the '3 Meal Muffin.' These things are so powerful that they bring businesses back together like Market Basket. :)