The internet is a wonderful thing. Thanks to that and the fact that all technology has a built in camera, we get to see people doing pretty much everything. When you happen to be in a situation to see someone actually freakout, it's a great thing. Sometimes people just lose their minds.

The web is full of videos of people going completely crazy. Some of these infamous freakouts have been seen over a million times. We can all agree that watching someone flip their lid is one of the most entertaining things of all time.


So with that being said, here are our favorite internet freakouts of all time. Some of these have NSFW language, so be mindful where you watch them.

Video Game Kid

Coffee Shop Guy

Drive-Thru Freakout

Leave Britney Alone Freakout [NSFW]

Bill O'Reilly Freakout

Office Freakout

Reporter Freakout

Congress Freakout

Greatest Freakout Ever