I read a Facebook post that mentioned McPizza.   It was McDonald's attempt to introduce some Italian menu items back in late 1980's.  Seemed like a good idea but pizza was only available after 4pm and the ovens were very slow, taking the "fast" out of fast food.   But that post reminded of some other  fast food items we liked.. Remember McDonald's McDLT.  It debuted in back in 1985 and had some good things going for it.  It had the catch phrase "keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool."  But in order to do that, McDonald's had to use a special, partitioned Styrofoam container for the McDLT.  Meantime came the movement to get rid of Styrofoam packaging.  Without that, McDonald's could no longer deliver on the hot side hot and cool side cool promise, and the McDLT disappeared in 1990.   How about the Arch Deluxe?  McDonald's spent a fortune to advertise this burger for "adults" back  in the mid '90's.  From what I remember, they tasted really good.  But, something went wrong.  Maybe because the Arch Deluxe was the most expensive item on the menu at the time, or maybe because it was really unhealthy, it crashed an burned.   And dies anyone remember the Burger King dinner?   The fast food chain began sit-down service in the evening with waiters and even a bowl of popcorn as an appetizer.   It was popular with some singles but it definitely took the "fast" out of fast food, and the idea was scrapped after about one year.   Interesting ideas that wound up in the fast food scrap yard.