About 14 years ago when I at FUN 107 for about 2 years, I was a part of the "Michael Rock & J.R. in the Morning" show. It was kind of like the FUN Morning Show now, the only difference being I was a producer behind the scenes and didn't talk on the air at that time. The devil loves idle hands, and boy did I have a lot of time to crack jokes. So much, in fact, that I decided to create a little behind the scenes funny action with the show.

To explain this in the simpliest way without getting into trouble, The Morning Show went to Universal Studios back in 1998 and I recorded everything. While we were there we bought a puppet and named him Dennis. Wherever we went, he was treated like a real person, and got quite the attention from other tourists enjoying the park. While going through tapes, I found some of his adventures, so I decided to post them on FUN 107.com!

So here's the first installment of the "Adventures Of Dennis." Enjoy.