Wedding planning isn't always the most pleasant thing and sometimes you might feel like you're the only one who feels that way. The truth is wedding planning can be stressful and sometimes, downright annoying- why do you think "Bridezilla" is such a household name?  Here are some not-fun times you may have experienced so far in the planning process so please remember to laugh when possible:


You've just calculated your wedding budget. Yikes!

Your immediate reaction to planning and plotting your big day is leaving you feeling pretty amateur.

You didn't realize how stressful planning a wedding could be. Now that you're invested in it, it feels like there's NO WAY OUT.


Pause. Take a deep breath and take a step back and pinpoint the details you are absolutely positive about.

You've finally convinced all of your friends agree to attend a bazillion bridal shows and dress fittings with you because you promised them drinks. Lots of drinks.   ...Drinks all night.

After weeks and months of drinking, crying and hair loss planning, you've finally booked all of your wedding vendors- and all within your budget!

Your groom is totally enthusiastic when you tell him you've got it all under control. Its amazing he can even contain himself, he's so excited.

He especially loves to hear all about the exciting door prizes you tried to win at the bazillions of bridal shows. And why shouldn't he be?  Hair removal  and Tupperware are for everybody.

But who cares what anyone thinks- you're finally done with the hardest part of wedding planning!   Go on with your bad, frugal self!  Its time to celebrate!