Don't be THAT guy or girl that breaks one of these rules. They're pretty straight forward.

1. Thou shall NEVER wear socks with sandals and ALWAYS wear sandals to the bathroom

2. Thou is allowed to make a number one in the ocean (away from others), but it is NEVER ok to make a number 2 in the water.

3. Thou shall NEVER violently shake a towel, throwing sand on other beach-goers

4. Thou shall not allow children to kick sand on others

5. Thou shall refrain from using foul language

6. Thou shall not sit on lap of other beach-goers…place one’s blanket / chair at a reasonable distance so as not to appear to be joining their group

7. Thou shall NEVER leave trash behind - dispose of properly

8. Thou shall not feed the seagulls, thus encouraging them to hover over others

9. Thou shall NEVER harm any creatures residing at the beach (for example: Seagull-gate)

10. Thou shall keep music at a respectful volume (Unless listening FUN 107 - turn that up!)

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