What's up with this?   Two male students at an Arizona high school were forced to hold hands for an hour in front of their classmates as punishment for fighting.  

14 year old Charles Crockett, who is a freshman at the Mesa school, and a sophomore known only as Julio got into an altercation during a physical education class last week.   The principal, Tim Richards told the boys either to hold hands for an hour in the middle of the campus or be suspended.   They chose to hold hands.

Facebook photos show the boys hand in hand but covering their faces.   Crockett actually skipped school the next day, saying he was too ashamed to show his face.    Is this appropriate punishment?   Does it send a negative message to gay students as it shows that the boys holding hands is a shameful act?

A Mesa Public School District reprensentative has meanwhile released a statement condemning Princpal Richard's actions.