Such an inspirational video!

TD Bank decided to surprise their customers for their #TDThanksYou by setting up an "Automated Thanking Machine" in more than 1,000 of their banks across Canada on July 25. Four branches in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver set up the special machine to give customers money, flowers and gifts.

Since the bank has such a close relationship with their customers, they selected a few people who would be "particularly delighted by a special experience".

One customer had never been able to take her two sons on vacation so TD Bank surprised her with tickets to Disneyland as well as two $1,000 checks for her sons' education.

Another customer was a huge Blue Jays fan, so they gave him a personalized T-Shirt and cap, brought Jose Bautista to meet him and had him throw out the first pitch at a Blue Jays game.

And my favorite story was about a mother who couldn't to go to Trinidad to see her daughter who was diagnosed with cancer and had recently been operated on until the bank surprised her with tickets to visit. A real tearjerker!

Watch the video down below but be ready for some waterworks!