Friday night's star-studded show, which aired on all four major networks as well as many other channels, was painful to watch in parts, and inspiring in others.  

The bravery of cancer patients and their families is something to be admired.   While watching the show, and hearing about new treatments and technologies in the fight against cancer, I was reminded of a recent visit to the Southcoast Center For Cancer Care in Fairhaven.

The Southcost Hospitals Group has recruited the best of the best when it comes to doctors, researchers, technicians and the patient navigators.   The equiptment is the most advanced in the world.   New devices are being added constantly, but at a mind-boggling cost.   Thanks to the support of this community, hundreds of survivors are being treated right here in this comfortable facility without having to drive back and forth to Boston.

For a $20.00 registration fee you can help support this center, and be part of one of the most positive area events of the year, Sharon's Walk.   It's only 3 weeks away.   If you are unable to walk, please consider making a donation, or sponsoring a walker or team.    It's one hands-on way to stand up 2 cancer.