Tinted Windows Leads to Discovery of Heroin
NEW BEDFORD - A Dartmouth woman is arrested as a result of a targeted investigation into street level narcotics sales in the South End of New Bedford.
Amanda Casey Myrick, 27, was pulled over after police observed her driving a vehicle with overly-tinted windows...
Boston Firefighters Break Windows On BMW To Fight Fire
A BMW that was illegally parked during a fire on Wednesday had its windows smashed out by Boston firefighters so that they could get water to the fire quickly.
The owner of the car, who claims the car was brand new, said he was "Mad". He was also given a 100 dollar fine...
Bald Eagle Crashes At Chapel [VIDEO]
The point of having the Eagle fly around the chapel was to "motivate and inspire" but no one figured there might be a problem since the chapel is made in part with very large windows.
The crowd was getting into it and all of a sudden.......