Protestors Rally Against Racism and Violence in Plymouth
PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) - About 100 people have gathered in a coastal Massachusetts town following violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Three people were killed Saturday and dozens were injured as white nationalists protested the city's decision to remove a Confederat…
Police Chief: ‘Silence Leads to Violence’
The New Bedford Police Department isn't waiting around for at-risk youth to start using guns before they confiscate them. Starting immediately, they're coming right for them, but they need the public's help in knowing where to look.
"This idea of us being in paralysis by fear …
Andrade: Crime Result of City Leaders ‘Failing’ Youth
Community activist John "Buddy" Andrade says New Bedford as a community is failing the youth.
"These kids want things to do. They're not bad," Andrade said. "I've seen these young boys and girls, all colors and all shapes and residents of this ci…

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