Clasky Park Tradition Lights Up Sunday Night
New Bedford - MA
Holiday music, lights shining in the sky, there is NOTHING like this time of year, and New Bedford is keeping tradition alive.
The Standard Times reported the tradition was a massive success yet again as Mayor Jon Mitchell thanked everyone involved, commenting it's a simply …
Best Place For Corned Beef And Cabbage?
You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a good brew and a traditional meal. But, where can you get the best corned beef and cabbage around here?
Davy’s Locker In New Bedford Closed
After an incredible run, the popular Davy's Locker in the sound end of New Bedford is closed.
The Davy's locker facebook page had this posted as of today..."On behalf of my grandfather, David "Doggy" Dolinsky, my father Marvin Dolkinsky, and myself, Jeff Dolinsky, we want to acknowledg…
Silent Night Tradition For 2013 [VIDEO]
Taylor Universityin Upland, Indiana has a great tradition on the Friday before exams during their Division III basketball game where the entire crowd stays quiet, with a few whispers, until the Trojans score their tenth point. Then, loud chaotic cheering ensues.