Former New Bedford Principal Loves Her New School.
Dighton - MA
Former John Avery Parker Elementary School Principal, Lynn Dessert, is making her dreams become a reality.
According to The Standard Times, she has always wanted to relocate to a smaller town, and Dighton made the perfect spot...
Fall River Teacher Arrested for Molesting Girls at Mall
A Fall River middle school teacher has been accused of child molestation, according to school and law enforcement officials.
ABC6 is reporting that Matthew Labriola, a special education teacher at Morton Middle School, was arrested July 12 on charges of second degree child molestation after allegedly…
Fall River Special Ed Teacher Arrested for Child Porn
A special education teacher in Fall River has been arrested for possession of child pornography.
ABC6 and others are reporting that 54-year-old Henry Tedeschi, a special education teacher at Morton Middle School in Fall River, will be arraigned this afternoon after Rhode Island State Police found the…
Mary Kay Letourneau And Vili Fualaau 10 Years Later
Lets flashback to 1996, when then sixth-grade teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau’s relationship with her student at the time, Vili Fualaau, went public after she became pregnant with the couple’s first daughter. Now almost 20 years later, the two are celebrating their 10th …

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