Southcoast Tattoos: Reasonable or Regret?
Southcoasters (think I just made that name, and it's now a thing),
I have another tattoo appointment on Wednesday and it really got me thinking how people view tattoos nowadays.
I know they were really frowned upon by some of our lovely seniors but I'm not sure if that stigma still hold…
Miley Cyrus Got A Tattoo, and You’ll Never Guess Where
My, my Miley.  It seems that if it's out-of-the-box and strange, Miley Cyrus jumps to the front of the line.   Now that she has scored her first-ever cover of Rolling Stone magazine, she seems to have labeled herself as a rolling stone.
One Direction’s Tattoo Artist Speaks Out
Zayn Malik of One Direction took a huge -- and possibly regrettable -- step last week when he got a tattoo of his girlfriend, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. Now, 1D's latest ink artist is divulging details of the band's trip to the shop and under the needle, including exactly what instr…

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