New Bedford Boosts Road Repair Investments
NEW BEDFORD - Tired of swerving to avoid potholes on New Bedford streets? Mayor Jon Mitchell says the City is beginning a program to invest $1 million a year for five years to be used for the complete reconstruction of New Bedford's most damaged streets...
Council Wants New Scooter Laws On The Books
We've all seen scooters zipping around city streets, and they can sometimes cause an unsafe environment for other drivers.
This is why the New Bedford City Council is looking for state legislators to step in and create new laws that treat scooter operators the same as anyone riding a motorcycle.
Remains Of Dead Infant Found On New Bedford Street
New Bedford Police say the remains of a deceased baby have been found on a city street.
Police confirm the body of the child was found around 6:30pm Friday in the area of County and Adams Street.
Massachusetts State Police and officials with the Bristol County District Attorney's office are on th…
93 Year Old Woman Kills “Knock-Out Game Player”
About a month ago we told you about a disturbing new game called "the knockout game", and we forgot to tell you, don't mess with the elderly, they will kill you. Cold. This woman is awesome! She doesn't take anything from anyone. (feel free to replace "anyth…