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Lawmakers Fall Agenda Could Include Medicaid And Immigration Bills
BOSTON (AP) _ Summer vacation is nearing an end for Massachusetts lawmakers, who have a lengthy to-do list for the fall months.
Among the issues the Democratic-controlled Legislature could tackle upon returning from August recess are Medicaid cost containment, criminal justice reform and bills relate…
Baker Signs Marijuana Bill
BOSTON (AP) _Gov. Charlie Baker says he remains worried about the impact of legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, but hopes a set of new rules will address many of his concerns.
The Republican signed a bill on Friday that overhauls the marijuana law that voters approved in November...
Fiscal Year Starts In Massachusetts Without A State Budget
BOSTON (AP) - The new fiscal year begins today and Massachusetts lawmakers have yet to approve a new state budget.
A six-member committee made up of members of the Massachusetts House and Senate failed to agree on a single compromise budget on Friday as the clock ran down on the 2017 fiscal year...