Will MOD Pizza come to Southcoast?
There are a lot of great pizza restaurants here on the Southcoast. But while in Phoenix, AZ., I tried one that is very very different.
Open Letter to Marylou’s
I am a former Bridgewater State University student who made it through college by making Marylou’s runs on study breaks. I now live in Dartmouth and I work in Fairhaven. The closest Marylou’s to me opened in Lakeville a few months ago
The 3 Top Internet Outrage Moments of 2015
Each week our social media newsfeeds are crammed full of stuff that makes people take sides, whether they consciously realize it or not. 2015 was no different and the internet turned out some pretty memorable controversies that at the root of it all, were all a bit silly and not worth de-f…

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