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A Look Back At The Car Barn In New Bedford: 1911
Back in the 19th century and well into the 20th century, New Bedford had some interesting public transportation in the form of trolleys. We've all heard the stories from our parents and grandparents about them as they graced the streets of New Biege.
The Armory On Pleasant Street In New Bedford: 1904
You might have driven by a huge structure that looks like a castle on Pleasant Street in New Bedford. The Armory has served for many purposes over the last hundred years or so. I love learning about the history of New Bedford and surrounding areas.
The Fairhaven New Bedford Bridge: Built In The Late 19th Century
Traveling on Route 6 from New Bedford into Fairhaven or vice versa, you'll be heading over a bridge that's over 100 years old, the Fairhaven/New Bedford Bridge. It took about two years to build between 1897 and 1899, and by the looks of a picture dating back to just before the turn of the…
See Route 195 Being Built In The 1960’s
We've all driven Route 195 East and West at one point. It even was called Interstate 195 or I-195, depending on who you run into. Different names, same highway. It wasn't always there though, obviously.
Building The Braga Bridge: 1959 to 1966
We've all driven over the Braga Bridge in Fall River out to Providence or heading to New Bedford, and those of us 40 years old or younger just assume that it has always been there. Today we take a look at the building of the Braga Bridge.