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Chelsea Priest Explains ‘Bombogenesis’.
We've seen a lot of alarming terms on the internet to describe tomorrow's Southcoast storm.  #BlizzardBomb #BombCyclone and #Bombogenesis are now trending.  What in the heck is "bombogenesis"?  We just had to ask Chelsea Priest from ABC 6 this morning.
Malasadas Madness Round 1
The NCAA March Madness tournament is in full swing and delivering excitement and surprises.
While there are plenty of basketball fans here on the SouthCoast, there's something even bigger that everyone loves: Portuguese food!
Beginning with 16 well-known local restaurants, it's up to you to …
(PICS) Top 5 South Coast Houses To Buy With The Powerball Money!
Sooooo the Powerball is over a billion dollars... The largest in history! Now let's be honest... When you win that money, people from all over are going to come forward and claim they are "friends" and ask for a piece of the pie. Sure you'll hook up your closest family an…

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