shark week

Who Else Missed Shark Week this Year?
Apparently Shark Week 2016 was last week. Did you know? Because I didn't. Not only did I not see one single promotion for it, it wasn't even on my mind since I'm so used to it airing in either July or August. I have no memory of it ever running in June on Discovery Channel...
Man Tries Kissing Shark [VIDEO]
Ever had a bad first kiss? This man had a first kiss to remember for all the wrong reasons. This has to be one of the dumber things anyone has ever done in the water.
Shark Week Promo Sparks Controversy
Seems like I could share a story with you every singe day about people being offended by something. Today, the "Shark Week" Discovery Channel promo gets people all flustered about the demise of the fate of "Snuffy The Seal"
Rather than have me explain, watch for yo…