random acts of kindness

Fun 107 Random Acts Of Kindness- Lunch For Local Mechanics [VIDEO]
Special thank you to our sponsors: Clearwater Pools, A&A Jewelers and First Citizen's Federal Credit Union.
Editors Note: Fun 107 created the idea for this video from the story New Bedford Guide posted a couple of days prior. We as the media are simply helping out those who have any intention(s) …
Taunton High Soon To Be Graduate Story (Year)Book Ending
Never take the little things for granted in life. To most people, seniors signing each others year books is a pretty common activity that just about everyone takes part in. But, one senior at Taunton High School was fairly dismayed to see all of her friends signing yearbooks after potenti…
FUN 107’s Random Act of Kindness [VIDEO]
Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and it's all about making someone else's day a little brighter. Since tomorrow's Powerball jackpot is 349 million and counting, we thought we'd give a few people a chance to hit big. Who wouldn't want free money...
Nice People Still Exist In The World [AUDIO]
Yesterday, I had to stop at the grocery store to get some food, and I didn't have my credit cards on me, just $40 cash. Well, as I saw each item beep across, the total came out to $47.94. Just as I was about to remove $7.94 worth of groceries of my order, someone came to the rescue.