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The Interview Will Be Released On Christmas Day
The Interview will see the light of day after all.
After saying the would pull the film completely, Sony and some of its partners have agreed to show the satirical film in about 20 theaters across the country.
Michael Lynton, the head of Sony Entertainment, released a statement today saying,
"We h…
James Franco “Bound” To Seth Rogan[VIDEO]
James Franco and Seth Rogan have pushed the envelop with a parody of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian's interaction in the "Bound 2 U" music video needless to say I have no idea how James Franco kept such a straight face with all of Seth Rogan's sexy back hair.
Last Blockbuster Movie Rental
Saturday night was the final night to rent a movie from Blockbuster Video as it shuts down it's remaining 300 retail stores. In a twist of irony, the final movie ever rented at Blockbuster? "This Is The End" starring James Franco and Seth Rogan...