Singer-Songwriter MAX Visits the Fun 107 Studio!
Today 22 year old singer-songwriter MAX stopped in at Fun107 to talk to me about his new song Gibberish and to give aspiring musicians a little advice.
MAX is a Youtube star who is successfully branching out into the world of radio and live shows...
Keith Walker is Hotter Than Firewater
Keith Walker dropped "Miles From You" in late 2013. I was a college senior at the time and working at my school radio station in Bridgewater. As the Country Music Director, it was my job to rate new country artists when they sent us our CDs to play on our shows...
Kasey Qs: Love and Theft! [VIDEO]
When Love and Theft first came on the country music scene back in 2009, I was sixteen years old. Country music was just starting to take over my life, and "Love and Theft" is one of the bands that shaped me into the fanatic I am today. So you can imagine my excitement whe…
A Diva In The Making
People have compared her sound to Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, now Ariana Grande may be living up to their diva ways as well.

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