One Truly Inspiring Teacher [VIDEO]
What would you have written to your future self when you were in high school? That's the assignment one high school teacher has been giving his students for decades and what happened next is just amazing.
Homeless Dog Gets Rescued Then Pays It Forward
Eldad, from Hope For Paws is on a mission to help any needy animal. The organization recently received a call of a sick dog living in a trash dump. She was weak, tired, and suffering from mange. After taking a quick trip to the vet, Miley was doing much better...
Disabled Student Inspires Football Team [VIDEO]
Despite being confined to a wheelchair for 10 years after a car accident, Pine Tree Junior High School student Tyler Bain, 13, walked onto the field before the seventh-grade "A" team's final home game of the season.
Check out the video of him walking for the first time in ten y…