Rocker Gregg Allman Dies At 69
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Gregg Allman, a survivor of tragedy, knew the blues musically and in a painfully personal way.
Raised by a single mother after his father was shot to death, he idolized his guitar-slinging older brother Duane and became his musical partner...
Army Vet Arrested After Saving Dog [VIDEO]
Michael Hammons is an Army verteran from Athens, Georgia. He walked passed a car in a shopping mall parking lot and noticed a few people standing around it. They were waiting for police to arrive in assistance for a small dog locked inside and in distress from the heat...
Georgia Family Finds Large KFC Bucket In Front Yard
You can file this under weird, really weird. Usually you'll see one of these a top a pole next to a major interstate highway, In this case, you might be surprised to find out this isn't a KFC. This is a family's front yard in Georgia.
The Biggest Chicken Wing Heist in History
Talk about hungry people. In a pure stroke of brilliance, two Georgia men were arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings from a cold storage business where they worked.
Be Careful What You Put On Craigslist
A lot of people use Craigslist to find jobs, post items they want to sell, you could even be in a movie if you stumble across the right listing at the right time. Sometimes it could be the wrong time too.