gas prices

Gas Prices Dropping
The cost of gas continues to plummet.  Cars were lining up at Bliss Express in South Dartmouth this morning to pay the cash price...$3.09 a gallon!  Stop and Shop on Dartmouth Street matched the $3.09 price this morning, as did the Gulf Station on the corner of Dartmouth Street and&nb…
How Will Hurricane Sandy Affect Gas Prices?
It was starting to happen. Gas Prices were starting to drop and at least there was a little relief. While it seems possible for prices to go up seeing as how any other event causes them to rise, experts say that its more likely that it will go DOWN because demand will drop considerably.
A Simple Tip To Save Gas
SLOW DOWN! Today, on my way to work, I drove South on 140, just like I do every day. I always set the cruise control between 70-73 MPH, and each day there are always cars RIGHT behind me waiting for me to change lanes so they can blast on through at 80+.
Is Premium Gas Worth It?
On the FUN Morning Show, Michael Rock said he has always put premium gas into his gas tank because it told him to. I decided to look into this conspiracy more clearly, so I went outside to inspect the gas tank.